Quinta da Serra do Soajo (first "Canil da Serra do Soajo") is an affix linked to our family which reflects the love for our land and its practices, the Sierra de Soajo.Amamos and take care of our dogs as important members of our family. In the breed dog breeds such as the Boerboel (Sudafrica Mastiff), Mastiff (English Mastiff), Cane Corso and Dogo Canario (Presa Canario).


We are the first Boerboel breeders in Portugal and have been in exporting and publicize this wonderful breed in Spain.


Pampered with tenderness and defining from puppies, caring for and ensuring both their correct physical training as psychic. Every imported dog, as well as the choice of a Stallion from outside to cool blood of our races must pass a thorough examination where factors such as their correct standard, provenance and pedigree will be evaluated.


This is to ensure to the fullest once more the quality that you will find in each one of our races with passion and dedication críamos since 1970.Cada puppy that leaves our house party with all the necesarías guarantees so you have the confidence and tranquility which endorse his development with a correct and promising future. The his pedigree will see the exquisite lines of blood that carries his anthology.

This illusion that is shared in family makes we bring two generations working every day with the same concern as the first day, and likewise we hope continue perpetuating our affix in generations.


Love, passion, dedication, enthusiasm, friendly and confidence which will hopefully be able to transmit to you when you visit us to know us and learn about all our fantastic copies.


Without further we enjoy visiting our website; We await your early visit.


Thank you for interest in us.